Community Health Needs Assessment

In FY2013, Henry County Medical Center established a committee to review community health information and to conduct a community health needs survey to complete a community health needs assessment for the organization.  This information provides a framework for HCMC to prioritize the health needs and develop actions to support improving health in the community.  This was again updated in 2016, 2019, and 2022.

The newest Community Health Needs Assessment Report for 2022 is below with the implementation plan to be released in May 2023:

Henry County Medical Center CHNA Report 2022

Information for the CHNA are located below:

In February 2021, HCMC hosted a behavioral health collaborative meeting to address this recognized health priority.  The collaborative meeting led to our behavioral health initiative, #SilencetheShameTN. To view the educational campaign:  Behavioral Health Initiative

Additionally, be sure to check out our Community Health Information to learn the most up-to-date health statistics in Henry County and West TN. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about the activities at HCMC that promote health improvement, click here.  For a calendar of all events and activities scheduled to improve your health, click here.

2021 Community Health Statistics

Click to access Community-Health-Statistics-2021-website.pdf