What is the Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation?

The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Corporation, which enables contributions to be tax deductible. Particular emphasis is placed on wellness education, community outreach, scholarships for students pursuing a health care career, and support of health improvement programs that otherwise could not be implemented. The mission is to enhance and improve the health of all citizens of Henry County through philanthropic support of the programs and services of Henry County Medical Center.

Why does HCMC need the Foundation?

The climate in health care has changed dramatically during the past decade. No longer is the hospital reimbursed for the total cost of giving care to patients. In fact, HCMC provides a significant amount of free care every year.

In 2009, the hospital absorbed nearly 54 percent of all bills to make up for government program shortfalls and for people who could not pay for their medical care. As a result, when the demand for new services, new technology and improvements in the facility occur, financing must come from sources other than patient revenue.

Doesn’t my tax money support HCMC?

Tax dollars are not being used for operation of the hospital. To date, all dollars necessary to deliver health care to our community come from revenue produced through hospital services.

How will the Foundation use my donation?

New equipment, new services and facility improvements may be funded by the Foundation. Particular emphasis is placed on educational programs, community outreach, healthcare scholarships and support of charitable programs that otherwise could not be implemented. The Foundation’s projects are selected by its governing Board of Directors.

Would my donation make a difference?

Each gift, large and small, makes a great difference. Every $1 donated saves the hospital $11 to $14 in borrowed money. In addition, your gift is a lasting investment in the future of our community’s health and well-being.

You can make a donation online. Or for more information on how to make a contribution, call the Foundation office at (731) 644-8536.