Nurses Final Farewell

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the legacy of deceased nurses, offering closure to colleagues and support to grieving families through a special ceremony conducted by fellow nurses during the funeral service.

What Is The Nurses Final Farewell?

The Nurses’ Final Farewell is a solemn ceremony dedicated to commemorating the dedication and service of nurses. This ceremony is held during the funeral service of the deceased nurse, either at their prior request or upon the request of their family or significant others after their passing. The ceremony is conducted in collaboration with the funeral home staff, and requests for this service can be made through the chosen funeral home. While the participation of volunteer nurses is sought, availability may vary.

Order of Service

During the ceremony, participating nurses don traditional white uniforms adorned with blue and red capes, standing at the forefront of the room. A poignant poem is recited as a lead nurse holds aloft a lit Nightingale lamp, symbolizing the eternal flame of nursing dedication. A final call is made for the nurse to “report for duty,” accompanied by their title and license number. Following this call, the lamp is respectfully extinguished, and the nurses quietly exit the space, marking the end of the ceremony.

Contact Information

Donna Sinclair- 731-363-8103
Lujan Meketi- 731-336-5598
Karen Clayton-Gold- 731-336-7767