iovera° Treatment

iovera° Treatment

HCMC’s Pain & Spine Clinic is now offering iovera° treatment for patients! 

iovera° is an innovative cryoanalgesia technology that allows health care providers to block pain for immediate and long-term relief by delivering precise cold therapy to a targeted nerve. It has shown to provide long-lasting pain control for osteoarthritis of the knee, or patients undergoing TKA, helping to reduce opioid consumption without permanent damage to nerve structure.  

How does iovera° work?

iovera° is a handheld device that lets your doctor apply just the right amount of extreme cold only to the nerves they want to target—the ones causing you pain. The iovera° treatment is localized, non-surgical, and does not contain medicine or opioids.

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What makes iovera° different from other pain treatments?

iovera° is an innovative type of pain-relief treatment known as cryoneurolysis (kri-o-nuh-rol-i-sis), or cold therapy. It uses targeted cold to temporarily stop nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.

How do I know if the iovera° treatment is right for me?

iovera° is an option for people who are experiencing OA pain in the knee. It can also be given before or after knee replacement surgery to make recovery easier and less painful. Ask your doctor about iovera° knee treatment if you have tried other pain treatments for OA, or if you are discussing having knee replacement surgery.

What kind of results can I expect?

Pain relief from the iovera° treatment can be felt immediately after treatment. When the treatment is applied to a specific nerve, it will interrupt that nerve’s ability to send a pain signal, providing an immediate reduction in pain.

Does the iovera° treatment hurt?

The iovera° treatment should not be painful. An injection or topical numbing medication will be used on the treatment area to manage any potential discomfort. Some people describe feeling pressure or tugging during the iovera° treatment. Cold, warm, and tingling sensations are also normal, as is some level of discomfort. Tell your doctor right away if you feel any pain during your treatment. Individual patient results may vary.

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