Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder

The neurological process that organizes sensation from our environment and body and makes it act accordingly is information processing.  Sometimes – without any neurological issue- our sensory system will not process all of our incoming sensory information, especially in pediatrics, and we have to train our brain -behavior as we continue to develop.  This can be seen with other diagnoses like Autism, Fragile X syndrome, but is often seen alone.  

Children’s central nervous system are developing at a most rapid speed from birth to age 7 years which allows learning and altering new brain connections to be made that will last a lifetime. At the Center for Wellness and Rehab our Pediatric Team consisting of  – PTs, OTs and STs – understand the importance of the unique adaption of activities needed to affectively treat pediatric patients when and how.  

Sensory Room

Our team at the Wellness Center, also uses Sensory Integration to improve motor pathways with every child and include the family in their concerns and needs. Our goal with pediatrics, as with all of our patients, is to push and challenge them so that they will accomplish the highest level of function as possible. 

Having a Pediatric Certified Specialist at the Wellness Center is one of our specialties. Pediatric Specialist are recognized on a National Platform with re-certification required every 10 years.  Specialists are part of our Pediatric Teams which also  go into the schools and see children with special needs related to their educational needs.