Emergency Services

Henry County Emergency Services was one of the first in West Tennessee to have Critical Care Paramedics on staff. HCMC currently has eight critical care paramedics who have finished the advanced training and have all passed their state exam.

They can now provide care for the critically ill patients of all ages with the ability to:

  • Provide patient care during transport and in special situations with such devices as are approved by the EMS Board.
  • Access existing and manage invasive lines such as but not limited to: Parenteral Internal Central Catheters (PICC), Hickman catheters, Portacaths, central and arterial lines.
  • Initiate and manage ventilators.
  • Manage care of tracheostomy tubes.
  • Initiate and manage surgical airways and chest tubes.
  • Provide care for cardiac patients, with but not limited to, cardiac interventions and advanced therapeutic devices.
  • Perform and interpret 12-lead electrocardiograms. Henry County Medical Center’s Emergency Services include:
    • Basic life support transport.
    • Advanced life support transport.
    • Advanced cardiac care transport.
    • Out of state transport arrangements.
    • Vehicle extraction.
    • CPR instructions.

More Information

For ambulance transports call 911.