Patient Education

As part of the commitment to individualized care and education, the Center for Orthopedic Wellness at Henry County Medical Center offers a Total Joint Wellness Program class for patients about to undergo joint replacement surgery.

The goal of the total joint class is to familiarize the patient and his/her “coach” (a loved one who will help the patient through his/her recovery) with the expectations of joint replacement surgery. The program covers a range of topics from pre-surgery planning to the progression of the post-op period including what to expect during the hospital stay and rehabilitation following. In addition to being an information session, total joint class is also designed to help alleviate any apprehension the patient may have about the surgery and healing process.

Total joint class, which lasts about two hours, is held in a group setting consisting of several patients and their coaches. Patients are given a workbook either at the physician’s office prior to class or at class, containing helpful information, checklists, tools, and room for notes. The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly.

This class is held in the HCMC education classrooms, located at 301 Tyson Avenue, every Tuesday from 12:30 p.m. until 2 p.m.

During the class, the group meets with a pharmacist, care navigator, nurse and physical therapist. A comprehensive educational presentation will be viewed, explaining what will occur in surgery, the recovery process, and what patients can do to make a smooth return to normal life. The coaches are prepared to provide a familiar face and a helping hand from the moment the patient arrives in his/her hospital room following surgery.