Two Bodies, One Brain – The Father-Daughter Duo of Dr. James Hudson and Annie Kate Massey

Two Bodies, One Brain – The Father-Daughter Duo of Dr. James Hudson and Annie Kate Massey

Putting our patients first has always been at the forefront of our mission at Henry County Medical Center [HCMC]. Our vision, “to transform our community’s health through nationally recognized, accessible and sustainable healthcare,” communicates our deep devotion to supporting the patients of Henry County.

The best healthcare you can hope for is one that cares for you like family. And that is exemplified through our own healthcare family: Dr. James Hudson, M.D. and Annie Kate Massey, PA-C.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Hudson and Annie Kate have worked side-by-side providing medical care, support, and treatment.

But the dynamic of working as a father-daughter team was never in the original plan.

As a child, Annie Kate began her medical career by simply living in the same household as a doctor. Dr. Hudson has been a practicing physician for 43 years, and when his children were growing up, they overheard their fair share of medical stories, situations, and terminology. Whether it was through overhearing a phone conversation or listening as he dictated charts, the language of medicine was normal in their home.

This led to Annie Kate’s understanding of the importance of proper medical treatment. So much so that she frequently diagnosed her friends’ ailments on the playground and let them know when they should consult their doctor.

Fast-forward a few years and Annie Kate began the path toward becoming a dentist in college. However, the frequency of the drills used in the dental office caused her to have unbearable migraines. This realization coupled with the desire to start a family and have time to spend with her future children led her directly to becoming a Physician’s Assistant.

While it wasn’t the original plan, the roadmap of Annie Kate and Dr. Hudson serving together continued to be paved when a provider within their current clinic retired two weeks before Annie Kate was set to graduate.

After her hire, Annie Kate spent six weeks shadowing Dr. Hudson. She used this time to observe and listen. She learned what he did on a daily basis, how he spoke to patients, how he solved problems, and how he built connections. This time was crucial to their success as a team because she learned how to be an extension of him.

Now, 15 years later, they’re still serving patients within the very same clinic where they began together – Paris Henry County Clinic [PHCC].

They joke that because they naturally solve the same problems in the exact same way, they are “two bodies with one brain.” They think alike. They’ve always connected well with each other. And they share the common goal of providing the best, most appropriate healthcare to their patients.

Upon reflecting on their time together at the PHCC and how being a family has impacted their service, both Dr. Hudson and Annie Kate expressed their gratitude for their entire working family.

Yes, they’re family so they help each other whenever it’s needed. But this family mindset is carried throughout everyone within PHCC.

“Our office employees are wonderful and the working relationship for everyone at the office is unique and compatible.” – Dr. Hudson

The working family pulls together and supports each other to make sure everyone is successful and everyone receives the care they deserve. Without skipping a beat, the providers serve each other’s patients and cover for one another. They fill in when someone needs to be out. They all work together as a family to make sure their community is supported.

As they look forward, Dr. Hudson and Annie Kate are excited to continue serving the patients of Henry County together with their extended work family. They have learned to appreciate the unexpected because healthcare is always changing – they never get bored in their work because nothing ever stays the same!

One thing we can count on to stay the same is the unending love and care our HCMC family provides for our community.