Telehealth Awareness Week: Supporting the National Movement to Advance Virtual Care

Paris, TN – In the wake of the unprecedented challenges our healthcare system has faced since the start of the COVID-19 public health emergency, one message has become abundantly clear: Telehealth is Health. As national lockdowns threatened to restrict access to quality care for millions of patients, telehealth played a critical role in supporting the delivery of healthcare services.

Henry County Medical Center is proud to be part of a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations committed to advancing virtual care during the inaugural Telehealth Awareness Week presented by the American Telemedicine Association, taking place September 19-25.

Telehealth has been an important element in U.S. healthcare for decades, but the COVID-19 public health emergency has put a spotlight on the need to maintain and expand access to telehealth to ensure everyone can receive appropriate care when and where they need it. Following the unprecedented use of virtual care services in response to COVID-19, telehealth now represents 15 to 20% of care delivery, confirming the need to create a two-channel healthcare system that balances in-person and virtual care.

Thanks to a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Henry County Medical Center and its clinics have made it their goal to increase access to telehealth services for patients within their community, further proving that you do not have to travel to receive quality healthcare.

The RHND grant involves developing the West TN Delta Network Telehealth program to increase the organizational and technology capacity of the network formally established in to expand access to behavioral and obesity-related primary and specialty telehealth services for rural residents.  The purpose is to increase access in rural areas, develop population health management, and show improved health outcomes and community impact.  Partners include Henry County Medical Center, Hardeman County Community Health Center and Hardin County Regional Health Center (Lifespan Health, Inc.).  It will serve 13 counties in West TN.

During Telehealth Awareness Week, Henry County Medical Center is joining a range of stakeholders, including leaders in healthcare and patient advocacy, in highlighting the growing acceptance and value of virtual care. Through collective efforts, there is a special opportunity to deliver new informational resources to support better access to telehealth for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. Everyone is encouraged to help build telehealth awareness this September and amplify the important message: Telehealth is Health!

To learn more about current telehealth services offered through Henry County Medical Center Clinics, please visit

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