Project Diabetes Grant to Encourage Healthy Living in Henry County

Paris, TN —The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation, Inc. (PHCHF) was recently selected to receive the Project Diabetes grant through the State of Tennessee, Department of Health. Over the next two years, these funds will be used to better the community, promote healthy living, and encourage preventative diabetes behaviors.

With the participation of the Henry County Health Department, Paris Special School District, W.G. Rhea Public Library, Henry County School System, City of Paris, and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, the Project Diabetes grant is sure to impact Henry County in a positive way. Over the next two years, the Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation will partner with these organizations to execute a plan that encourages healthy lifestyle choices. Be on the lookout for these projects happening in your community:

Inmate Garden and Mobile Farmer’s Market

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office cultivates a garden which is maintained by the inmates at the Henry County Correctional Facility. Of the fresh produce that is grown, nearly 60% of them are used for meals within the correctional facility. The remaining 40% is given away throughout the community through the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Mobile Farmers Market.

Recently, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office has added a greenhouse and grow tunnel to the inmate garden. Funds from the Project Diabetes grant will be used to purchase a new tiller as well as irrigation supplies needed for the expansion of the inmate garden.  Together, this will allow the inmate garden to broaden their growing season and yield a higher crop. This ultimately will result in more surplus produce that will be distributed to the community through the Mobile Farmer’s Market.

Good carbohydrates, like fruits and vegetables, provide both nutrients and energy, making them a safe, efficient, and nutritious food choice for people with diabetes. On Wednesday, July 3rd, Henry County Sheriff’s Department Mobile Farmer’s Market gave away produce in Paris and Puryear. A large crowd gathered to get fresh cabbage, squash, and peppers Wednesday afternoon. Project Diabetes will allocate funds to continue the success of the Mobile Farmer’s Market in Henry County.

Read and Ride Stations

Project Diabetes will also use funds to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in adolescents. With the participation of Henry County School System, Paris Special School District, and W.G. Rhea Public Library, 10 Read and Ride stations will be installed throughout schools and libraries in Henry County. Read and Ride stations will allow students, faculty, and community members to read or work at a desk while peddling a stationary bicycle.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

One goal of Project Diabetes is that healthy food and beverage options are a routine, easy choice in Henry County. The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation with the help of the City of Paris will install 3 water bottle filling stations per year at city or county parks over the next two years. Project Diabetes aims to educate the overall benefits of choosing water over sugary drinks to stay hydrated.

Sidewalk Repair

Proper walking paths not only provide safety, but encourages physical exercise through cardiovascular endurance and ties the community together. Project Diabetes will allocate resources to repair damaged sidewalks in areas of high population and where there are no other walking options.

“The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation is excited to work with all these amazing partners to impact the health of our community,” said Tory Daughrity, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  “The Foundation Chronic Disease Management staff worked with these groups to develop the plan and we are excited to help implement it.  It is a win-win for Paris and Henry County.”

Be on the lookout for how Project Diabetes is impacting your neighborhood and take advantage of the improvements coming to Henry County over the next two years. The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation encourages you to visit the Mobile Farmer’s Market, take time out every week to read and ride, bring a refillable water bottle to the park, or gather a friend to walk with each day.

To learn more about the Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation, go to our website at or call 731-644-8215.

About the Paris & Henry County Healthcare Foundation

The Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994. The Foundation was established to enhance and improve the health of all citizens of Henry County through philanthropic support of the programs and services of Henry County Medical Center. There is a particular emphasis placed on wellness education, community outreach, scholarships for students pursuing a health care career, and support of health improvement programs that otherwise could not be implemented.

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