Mother of Twins Thankful for HCMC, Ped For All

CUTLINE – Pictured is the Rowlett family – Cody, Sarah, Avri, and Andi.  Avri and Andi were born at HCMC and utilized the Ped for All program.

PARIS, TN – Pregnant with twins, Sarah Rowlett knew her pregnancy could get complicated at some point, which is why choosing the right provider and the right hospital was crucial.

The Henry County native found the right physician in Dr. Pamela Evans, an OB/GYN at Paris Women’s Center. “You could tell that Dr. Evans really cared about her patients and she was genuinely excited to take me on as a patient,” said Rowlett, a first-time mother.

At the 19-week mark, Rowlett had some complications so Evans referred her to a high-risk pregnancy specialist at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. Every week for six weeks, Rowlett would travel to Nashville to see the specialists, who coordinated her care with Dr. Evans. Finally, after a month and a half, the physicians at Centennial determined it was safe for Rowlett to deliver the twins in Paris because Henry County Medical Center had just begun its partnership with Ped For All.

Ped For All is an independent neonatal group which provides pediatric coverage for hospitals in Tennessee, including Centennial Medical Center. Arriving at HCMC in the spring of 2019, Ped For All specializes in newborns who need special care.

“My goal was to make it to May and on May 1, 2019 Dr. Evans delivered my babies,” said Rowlett, noting that one baby stayed in the hospital for 12 days, the other 24 days. “I was only able to have my babies here at Henry County Medical Center because of the Ped For All program.”

Ped For All providers round on all newborns who have been birthed in the Women’s Center at Henry County Medical Center and are trained to provide care in neonatal emergencies.

As a first-time mother, Rowlett had no hesitation when offering an endorsement of the care received at HCMC.

“I don’t think we could have gotten any better care anywhere else,” she said. “To know that we could be home where our house is, where our family is, and our friends are was a relief. A weight was lifted off our shoulders.  When Dr. Evans and Ped For All staff cry when your babies check out – that means something.”

A pediatrician or neonatal nurse practitioner is on-site 24 hours per day, which is an improvement from the past where a provider was on call, but perhaps 30 minutes away from the hospital. When a pediatrician is not physically on-site, the physician can evaluate newborns through telemedicine, which is enhanced further by the use of a Bluetooth-equipped stethoscope so the physician can listen to a heartbeat remotely.

Ped For All providers round on all newborns who have been birthed in the Women’s Center at Henry County Medical Center and are trained to provider care in neonatal emergencies.  To watch the patient testimonial provided by Sarah Rowlett, you can check it out on our YouTube Channel here:  To watch a video on the program, check it out on our YouTube channel:

The HCMC Women’s Center is state-of-the-art in the birthing experience. From pre-natal to post-natal, we will meet your needs:

  • Individual labor support
  • Breast feeding support
  • Infant security
  • Centralized monitoring of mother in labor
  • Private birthing/after births rooms and Jacuzzi-tubs
  • Special gifts and baby billboard announcement
  • Family friendly environment
  • After surgery care

The Women’s Center also offers gynecological surgery post-op care to women.  And, HCMC now offers a Special Care Nursery and neonatology services through Ped For All.

For more information on our services as well as the OB/GYNs at HCMC, check out our website at or call us 731-644-3463.

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