Masquerade Jewelry Sale Raises Funds for HCMC Auxiliary

Cutline: Pictured is the October 2019 Masquerade Experience the Frenzy Jewelry and Accessories Sale held at Henry County Medical Center to benefit the Volunteer Auxiliary.

Paris, TN – The Henry County Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary hosted the “Masquerade Experience the Frenzy Jewelry and Accessories Sale” three times over the last year in hopes of raising funds for  scholarships and contributions to special projects within the hospital.

The Masquerade company caters only to hospital auxiliary groups across the South and they are experts at showcasing large volumes of accessories, making a win-win proposal to all involved.  Masquerade offers many items during their two-day sales including purses, wallets, jewelry, scarves, key chains, college sports memorabilia, and more.

During the October 17 and 18 sale, $3,797 was raised for the HCMC Auxiliary. For the entire year of 2019, $8,426 was raised from the three Masquerade Jewelry and Accessories Sales. These funds go toward a number of projects that make a difference at HCMC.

“This sale is a win-win for the Auxiliary as well as the customers looking for affordable gifts. We are grateful for these funds when we are ready to give our scholarships to Henry County students seeking a career in health care,” said Paige Malone, Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator.  “This along with the operation of the HCMC Pink Petal Gift Shop is the primary fundraisers each year and with the help of these sales, the HCMC Auxiliary is able to give back to the community.”

The Volunteer Auxiliary at Henry County Medical Center is comprised of nearly 50 volunteers that serve across the organization. Auxiliary volunteers offer their time, talent and dedication throughout the hospital in patient care and clerical settings. Our volunteers come from unique backgrounds and share the common interest in helping others.

To learn how you can become a part of the HCMC Volunteer Auxiliary, contact Malone at 731-644-8267 or go online at to learn more.

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