Henry County Pain & Spine Clinic a Great Option for Pain Management

Paris, TN – Patients dealing with back, neck, and joint pain, as well as headaches, now have more options to cope with that pain. A new service for pain management, the Henry County Pain & Spine Clinic, is open and seeing patients.

Located in the Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation in the Kelley Clinic on the Henry County Medical Center campus, the Henry County Pain & Spine Clinic is providing pain relief for patients who are unable to use narcotics or wish to pursue alternative treatment options. HCMC previously treated patients with low back pain at the spine clinic, but now are able to provide relief for pain in any number of areas of the body.

Chad Galle, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, provides all forms of interventional pain procedures, including cervical/lumbar epidurals, cervical/lumbar medial branch blocks and radiofrequency, transforaminal epidurals, sacro-iliac joint injections, genicular nerve blocks and radiofrequency, and intra-articular shoulder/hip/knee injections.

“We treat anywhere from headaches, neck and hip pain, lower and middle back pain, and joint pains that people have as they get older,” said Galle. “The side effects of medications are far greater than doing a procedure or injection. Also, these procedures don’t limit your daily activities while narcotics often leave the patient drowsy and lethargic.”

Galle is working closely with Kristopher Gulish, PA-C, who has 17 years of experience in helping orthopedic patients and is seeing patients at Innovative Orthopedics. Often, Gulish is the first stop for patients dealing with pain.  “We will see if physical therapy is an option or perhaps an oral medication can ease the patient’s symptoms. We may even use a non-steroidal or steroid anti-inflammatory to see if those will ease their symptoms,” said Gulish. “But if they look like they are a candidate for an injection, we will schedule that to be done by Chad at Pain and Spine where procedures are done at the Surgery Center.”

Additionally, Henry County Pain & Spine Clinic can provide patients with a psychologist to help with coping strategies while dealing with their pain, as well as physical therapy to aid overall functionality. For more information on the Pain and Spine Clinic or to make an appointment, please call (731) 644-8484 or go online at www.hcmc-tn.org. You can also watch information about the clinic in these videos located on our YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/NRkrCFVVc4w and https://youtu.be/vm626tSa-v0.  Or you can watch a FB Live about the clinic here:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3019498938285988

About Henry County Medical Center
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