Henry County Medical Center Updates Long Range Planning Committee on Balanced Scorecard for FY2020 and Strategic Objective for FY2020 & FY2021

Paris, TN – Henry County Medical Center’s Long Range Planning Committee reviewed current results for the fiscal year along with new strategic objectives for fiscal year 2021 at Thursday night’s meeting.  The format for this meeting was a little different and involved discussion around not just the history of the balanced scorecard and goals and objectives, but also future initiatives as HCMC embarks on a three year grant program known as the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development Program (DRSCHSD).

Lisa Casteel, HCMC CEO, began the meeting by providing balanced scorecard metrics going back all the way to fiscal year 2013 so that committee members could see historically what the measures for the organization has been and why these measures have changed over the years.  Currently for fiscal year 2020, HCMC is meeting or exceeding our goals except for two main areas that continue to trend red which are emergency door to doctor average time and operating profit margin.

“We are doing all the right things,” said Casteel.  “Our operating profit margin just hasn’t caught up to our growth.”

For fiscal year 2021, HCMC is carrying over some strategic goals from fiscal year 2020, but will delve into goals related to partner development, utilizing the patient and family advisory council, continuing to look for out-of-the-box strategies related to payment, as well as continue to recruit and grow service lines, while ensuring our current service lines are strengthened.

“These goals are tentative and will be based on the results of the consultant review through our new Delta grant program,” said Casteel.

Casteel discussed the new DRCHSD program in-depth with the committee as well as introduced the newly hired Community Champion, Gina Matlock, who began in February and who is an employee of the grant.  Matlock’s job is to evaluate the needs of our community and make connections to resources to help ensure that services align to meet the needs of our population as we gear toward population health, the main strategy of the DRCHSD program.

Also reviewed with the committee was the 2019 Community Health Status report that the program developed for HCMC based on information provided by us as well as health information available on a local, state, and national level.  Our goal as an organization will be to look at our disparities and how to address them so that our population can be the healthiest possible.  Currently as a county we rank 47th out of 95 counties for our overall county health ranking and we rank 77th out of 95 counties for health behaviors.  We have a very high percentage of smokers, teen births, and alcohol impaired driving, which are all areas that we as an organization and county will look at ways to address over the next three years.

“Some of these issues, such as smoking, will be something that we will begin working on internally as an organization with changes to our health insurance premiums,” said Casteel.  “We currently are at a 27% smoking rate as an organization and we haven’t been able to move the gauge.  As we continue to look towards population health in our organization, we will be looking for ways to improve this rate ourselves.”

The next Long Range Planning Committee meeting will be held on May 14, 2020 in the HCMC Board Room.

To learn more about HCMC and how we are growing forward to meet the needs of our region, visit us online at www.hcmc-tn.org.

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