Henry County Medical Center Board of Trustees May Meeting Discusses FY2022 Budget and JCAHO Survey

Paris, TN – Chief Executive Officer Lisa Casteel thanked everyone for their continued diligence with masking in our facility.  Casteel introduced a guest, a third tower nurse Sabrina Parks, thanking her and all our staff at HCMC for their continued efforts to care for patients in our community.

In regulatory news, Casteel discussed funding that is now available related to strengthening COVID-19 response efforts including vaccination efforts in rural communities.  Nearly $1 billion is now available and we are currently researching to apply.  With three rural health clinics now, HCMC clinics should be eligible for some of these funding opportunities.

Our county is currently at 33.54% vaccination rate up from last month’s 30.37%.  The state is at 38.6% vaccination rate.  Rural communities continue to have a higher hesitancy rate.  Last week we saw a high of 7 COVID-19 patients, with 3 patients currently in the hospital today.

Casteel discussed the recent Joint Commission accreditation survey which began on May 4 and continued through May 7, 2021.  Locations surveyed included the hospital, diagnostic center, surgery center, home health, hospice, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, wound care center, and hyperbaric oxygen center.  We are accredited and remain accredited. We do have findings that will require corrective action plans.  These related to things such as environmental issues, leadership approval of quality plans, housekeeping issues, and documentation.  Overall, the surveyors commented very positively about our organization, stating that we have the best bereavement program they have seen, very collaborative staff, dynamic leadership, and engaged workforce.  The lead surveyor even stated that he would be honored to work here.

“Overall, our organization and staff are to be commended for the quality of care and engagement they provide to our community and the surveyors saw that first hand,” said Casteel.

Brad Bloemer, HCMC CFO, discussed the financial reports for April 2021.  April was a very good month and had the largest profit we have had in a while.  Volumes have been consistent for the last few months.  For April, HCMC reported a net profit of $1.36 million and without stimulus funds, we were still in the positive net income.

“In June, HCMC partners will receive a payout from COVID-19 funding for their efforts during the pandemic,” said Casteel.  “This is in addition to the funding staff received during the fall.  We are so proud of our partners for standing by us and our community during this very difficult time.  We have used the stimulus funding to pay staff, to purchase additional PPE so that no one was without what they needed, and to purchase additional equipment that was needed.”

“It’s a great investment and money well spent,” said Troy Buttrey, Board of Trustees member.  “But we still have several nursing positions open.”

Neely Ashby, CNO/COO, discussed issues and the pay rates that we offer versus competitors in the urban areas.  We are having difficulties in housekeeping and food service as well.

Bad debts for the month were approved for $628,366.81.  Additionally, capital equipment requests were approved for a total of $494,776 for items including chillers, technology, surgical, and clinical needs.

Casteel introduced Cynthia Stigall, Director of Home Health and Hospice, who received the Department Manager of the Quarter at the Department Directors’ meeting.  Stigall presented patient satisfaction information, quality measures, and agency reports.  HCMC Home Health has 30% of the market share while Hospice has 45% of the market share.

Next on the agenda is the FY2022 budget. The goal for FY2022 is to show a positive bottom line with basically a break-even budget that begins the growth and efficiencies necessary to attain future minimal budgets of $2 million.  We are still normalizing after the pandemic, hence the reason for a break-even budget.  With this budget, it is assumed all COVID-19 supplemental funds will be recognized in FY2021 with no additional COVID-19 funds in FYE2022.

The Capital budget is a little over $7 million which included the funds held over for completion of the cath lab project.  The budget does require a new borrowing debt for the organization for $4.5 million.  One of the current loans is rolling off.

HCMC administration will present its Budget and the request to borrow funds at the next Henry County Commission meeting.  All budgets for HCMC were approved by the board.

To learn more about the growth at Henry County Medical Center, go to our website at www.hcmc-tn.org and read about all the services we offer to care for our community.

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be June 24 at 5:30 p.m. at the Henry County Medical Center Board Room, as long as COVID-19 statistics trends downward.

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