Hello, My Name is MAKO! – Henry County Medical Center adds the Total Knee Replacement to its Joint Replacement Options with the Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery System

Robots in the surgical suite are nothing new, but robots assisting orthopedic surgeons on total knee replacements is groundbreaking. And Henry County Medical Center is only one of three hospitals in the state of TN to offer MAKO robot-assisted total knee replacements.

In the Summer of 2015, HCMC added the MAKO robotic arm assisted surgical option for total hip and partial knee replacements, being one of the first in the state to do so. And, again, being one of the first, we have the option to offer the total knee replacement. The first total knee replacement with the MAKO robotic-arm assisted technology was done on April 10 by Dr. Blake Chandler. Dr. Mark Cutright followed on April 19 with his first total kneed replacement using the new technology.

The minimally invasive procedure works like this: The patient first has a CT scan of the joint to generate a 3-D virtual model that is then loaded into the MAKO System software, creating a personalized pre-operative plan. When the surgeon prepares the bone for the implant, the robotic arm guides the surgeon within the predefined area and helps prevent the surgeon from moving outside the planned boundaries. An implant is then secured over the prepared portion of the knee joint. The result? Bye-bye pain, hello natural knee movement.

Ninety percent of patients needing total knee replacement are candidates for the robot-assisted procedure. And the numbers of people needing knee surgery — partial and total — continue to increase. In 2010, more than 650,000 people underwent knee replacement, with 90 percent of those requiring total knee replacement, according to National Center for Health Statistics.

Osteoarthritis is the primary reason patients undergo partial or total knee replacement, but there is an increasing number of people who overload their joints as a result of excess weight. Surgery, however, is not always the first plan of action. First steps toward pain relief usually include medications, physical therapy and other non-surgical options.

“We are once again very excited to be able to offer the latest in technology to our patients in Henry County and the surrounding region,” said Tom Gee, CEO. “It is part of our commitment to provide our community with the best possible healthcare and having the option to provide total hips, partial knees and now total knees with robotic assisted surgery means faster recovery for our patients.”

To help get the word out about this new surgical option for total knees, HCMC went “live” in the operating room for both Dr. Chandler’s and Dr. Cutright’s first total knee replacement surgeries with the MAKO robotic arm assisted technology. Be sure to check it out at https://www.facebook.com/HCMCParisTN. HCMC’s Center for Orthopedic Wellness focuses on total joint replacements as well as other orthopedic issues.

HCMC is very fortunate to have four board-certified orthopedic surgeons on staff to care for our patients in the dedicated unit with a full gym and large private rooms as well as a comprehensive class prior to surgery for the best in care for our orthopedic patients. For more information on our Center for Orthopedic Wellness, call 731-644-8325. For more information on our Orthopedic Surgeons, go to our microsite at www.choosehcmc.org or call 731-644-3463 or contact them directly:

  • Mark Cutright, MD & Heather Melton, MD, Innovative Orthopedics at the Kelley Clinic, 1015 Kelley Dr., Paris, Tennessee 38242, Phone: (731) 644-8304 or (731) 644-2271
  • Blake Chandler, MD & Kyle Stephens, MD, West TN Bone and Joint Specialists, 1004-A Cornerstone Dr., Paris, Tennessee 38242, Phone: (731) 644-0474