Healthy Focus Newsletter – May 2023

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How to Break the “Always Busy” Habit

In today’s society, being busy is sometimes viewed as a badge of honor. Many of us measure our self-worth by the number of things we check off our to-do lists. The more we accomplish, the more value we offer to our work, families, and friends. Psychologists say that some of us may even be addicted to being busy. This is because when we complete tasks, our brain releases the pleasure hormone, dopamine, which makes us feel good. It’s easy to get addicted to this feeling, so we repeat the pattern, craving the feeling that being busy and accomplishing things gives us…Learn More

FREE Nutrition Class

Nutrition Classes geared to heart and lung health are held on the second Thursday, every other month at Henry County Medical Center…Learn More

STRONG STATEMENT: Tips for Improving Your Mental & Physical Strength

We all admire people who are strong, both physically and mentally. When someone is strong, they take care of themselves, show confidence and proactivity, and serve as an inspiration to others. Staying fit and having emotional strength are also important components of your overall health. Maintaining physical activity through the decades will keep your muscles, bones, and joints strong, which is important for keeping your health in check. And studies show that people that are mentally strong are physically healthier and have stronger immune systems, which can help you fight chronic disease...Learn More

RECIPE: Grilled Ratatouille Salad

Try this delicious, healthy salad that’s high in antioxidants and may help lower overall cholesterol.