Healthy Focus eNewsletter – September

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Stand By Me: Guide to Helping a Loved One Struggling with Behavioral Health Challenges

“Behavioral health” refers to both psychiatric and substance abuse, and people with these health issues suffer from either or both. Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of those with a mental health disorder don’t seek help, typically because of the stigma associated with these issues. If you have a family member or friend who has a behavioral health disorder, you can play an important role by supporting and standing by them throughout their recovery. Learn More

FACEBOOK LIVE: Learning how to listen Suicide Prevention Month, September 22 at 12 noon  Learn More

It’s Suicide Prevention Month: “Together we are braver, bolder, stronger.” Presented by Emily Oswald from Tennessee Suicide.

Talking to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

Experts agree that early and often is the best way to talk to children about the dangers of substance abuse. Instead of making drugs and alcohol a taboo topic, brought up only if your children have issues with them, speak to your kids from a young age about how to live a healthy lifestyle and how substance use can interfere with that, doctors and substance abuse experts recommend. Learn More


You might be surprised by the variety of care you can get through telehealth. Services like medication management and online counseling are particularly suited to this service. Your doctor will decide whether telehealth is right for your health needs. Watch this short video to find out why this type of care is growing in popularity, and to learn about the range of services we offer through our GrowWell Telehealth Network! Learn More

Orange Nut Bars

This fun recipe is perfect for making ahead and adding to your kids’ lunchbox for a healthy treat at snack time.