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My Mind’s Eye: Understanding Signs of Behavioral Health Issues

The idiom, “my mind’s eye”, dates back to the early 1300s and refers to the ability to see something from memory or mental creation. What may seem like no big deal to one person, may be significant in the “mind’s eye” of someone having difficulty coping. Everyday stress, relationship issues, illness, and economic hardship can take a toll on our mental health…Learn More

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Mixing it Up to Reduce Stress

Sleep problems. Frequent headaches. Inability to focus. Stress may be the cause, and it may be affecting other areas of your health, including your moods and your behavior. Everyone experiences stress. Over the short term, stress can make you more alert and motivate you to be productive. However, long-term stress can lead to serious health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The good news is that learning to recognize the symptoms of stress can help you manage it…Learn More


Paris Behavioral Health

We are pleased to announce that Henry County Medical Center is partnering with caring mental health professionals Melissa Dye, LCSW and LeighAnn Lockwood, NP to provide psychotherapy, medication assessments and medication management services.

Visit the Paris Behavioral Health for more information.

To make an appointment for yourself or a loved one, call (731) 644-8441.

Office Hours
Monday: 1pm – 5pm
Wednesday: 8am-Noon
Thursday: 1pm – 5pm

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