HCMC’s Women’s Center Offers A New Way to Give Birth with Gentle C-Section Clear Drapes

CUTLINE – Pictured are Tristin Newman, mother of Carter Max Newman with her husband, Hunter and oldest son Brayden.  Newman was the first woman to use the Gentle C-Section Clear Drape at HCMC.

Paris, TN – Women dream of their birthing experience from the very beginning and make plans for the best birth including picking the best birth team, selecting a birthing center that meets their needs, and learning how to cope with delivery with classes and more.  No woman goes into their first delivery anticipating a cesarean section, but sometimes that becomes the option, and with that the planning goes out the window as well as being able to watch the birth of the baby, until now.

The Women’s Center at Henry County Medical Center is now offering women who give birth through cesarean section the option to request clear drapes in order to observe the birth and be closer to both their partner and the baby.  Traditionally, standard blue drapes have been used, preventing women from watching the birth of their baby.

Moms who opt for the clear drape don’t see much of their actual surgery; they just get a front row seat to the baby’s magical arrival.  Dads are seated by the mom’s head.  The mom still has a belly so she’s not going to be able to really watch the c-section, just the lifting of the baby for view.  Moms are also able to touch and hold their infant immediately after birth to have the benefits of early skin-to-skin contact as well as beginning the breastfeeding process as quickly as possible.

Tristin Newman was the first new mom to be able to request and enjoy the benefits of the gentle cesarean clear drape.  Newman, a patient of Pamela Evans, MD, at Paris Women’s Center, followed her from Jackson and was so excited to be able to have this option during her delivery.

“Seeing my baby pulled out made me feel more a part of the birthing experience,” said Newman.  “With my son Brayden, I was unable to see anything.  Being able to bring the baby right to me to do skin-to-skin was great.  And, Hunter was right beside me and able to see everything, too.

“We are excited to be able to offer this to our moms at HCMC,” said Rhonda Crossett, Director of the Women’s Center.  “Expecting mothers can discuss this option with their OB/GYNs and have it available upon request as an option.”

Carter Max Newman arrived at HCMC on January 9 at 8:12 a.m. weighing in at 7 lbs, 9 oz and 19 ¼ inches long.  Big brother Brayden was very excited to welcome Carter and is ready to take care of his little brother.

“I highly recommend HCMC’s Women’s Center to any expectant mother,” said Newman.  “We have been very pleased and had a great experience thanks to Dr. Evans and the staff at the Center.

The HCMC Women’s Center is state-of-the-art in the birthing experience. From pre-natal to post-natal, we will meet your needs:

  • Individual labor support
  • Breast feeding support
  • Infant security
  • Centralized monitoring of mother in labor
  • Private birthing/after births rooms and Jacuzzi-tubs
  • Special gifts and baby billboard announcement
  • Family friendly environment
  • After surgery care

The Women’s Center also offers gynecological surgery post-op care to women.

For more information on our services as well as the OB/GYNs at HCMC, check out our website at www.hcmc-tn.org or call us 731-644-3463.

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