HCMC’s November Stars of Excellence Revealed

Cutline: Pictured is HCMC’s Partner of the Month of November, Alicia Watkins, Paris Women’s Center.

PARIS, TN – Henry County Medical Center is proud to announce the partner of the month for November in the Stars of Excellence program is Alicia Watkins, Paris Women’s Center. Twenty others were also nominated for the Stars of Excellence program.

Watkins was nominated by her office manager for going above and beyond to show kindness to a patient. She developed a relationship with an OB patient with no family in the area. After the baby was born, Watkins offered to take care of the newborn while the mother was in the hospital and father was at work. Watkins has continued to show kindness to the family by watching the baby so the mother could get some additional rest. She embodies compassion and adds so much value to the organization.

HCMC also awards star partners of the month. The star partners for the month of November are Nicki Harris, HCHC Beauty Shop; Matt Dossett, Materials Management; Winona Smith, Plumley Rehab; Terri Summers, Shelly Tucker, and Winona Smith; Home Health; Chastity Tharpe and Faye Groves, HCMC Food & Nutrition Services; Jennifer Reynolds, DME; Emily Berry, DME; George Milam, DME; Cardiac Rehab Nurses; Margie Nolen, Diagnostic Center Registration; Tonya Phifer and Andrea Caldwell, 3rd Tower; Natalie Huffine, Morgan Estes, and Jackie Wyatt, 2 South, 3rd Tower, and Cardiac Rehab; and Amanda Jones, Physician Practices.

These HCMC partners were nominated by patients and coworkers for their hard work and dedication towards this hospital. Their work does not go unnoticed here at HCMC and the hospital is glad to be able to honor them with the Stars of Excellence program. They were nominated for the following:

  • Nicki Harris: Nominated by a coworker for stepping out of her “work zone” to help everyone she can. Although she is the beautician at HCHC, Harris gives her time to help transport residents and patients, assist with exercise, movie days and other activities provided by the facility. Her disposition daily shows that she has a good sense of humor, is flexible and an all-around great individual with a huge heart.
  • Matt Dossett: Nominated by the spouse of a patient for his compassion and patient-centered values. Dossett assisted a patient and his wife out of their car upon their arrival to Plumley Rehabilitation Center. He did not just help the patient out of the car, he also walked the couple inside and made sure they were situated and made them feel at ease during a stressful situation.
  • Winona Smith: Nominated by her Director for being very professional, compassionate, loyal, and giving. Smith supports the rehab department and makes every effort to bring harmony through the departments with who must work well together. Additionally, she always puts her patients first.
  • Terri Summers, Shelly Tucker, Winona Smith: Nominated by a Director for their selflessness and working tirelessly to get the job done while keeping the needs of our patients at the front of their minds. Each woman has taken initiatives to become leaders in their respective areas and are bringing growth to the organization.
  • Chastity Tharpe and Fay Groves: Nominated by their Department Director for demonstrating their dedication to HCMC and truly living all of the organizational values – especially by showing professionalism, excellence, and integrity of their character; respect and caring for their employer and co-workers; and patient centered concern with their deep dedication to their customers.
  • Jennifer Reynolds: Nominated by her Director for jumping head first to learn all she could about the duties of her position while filling in for someone on sick leave. Since joining the team full-time she has done an amazing job getting the billing up to date as well as streamlining some processes which increased overall productivity.
  • Emily Berry: Nominated by her Director for immersing herself in her job after recently transferring to the department. She quickly embraced the position and has made it efficient and productive. She is a great team player and goes the extra mile to not only assist clients in her area, but clients who come into the retail shop as well.
  • George Milam: Nominated by his Director for his compassion and attitude. He comforts clients not only in the retail store but in their homes as well. His teamwork and belief in service to our clients has made him a valuable member of the DME team.
  • Cardiac Rehab Nurses: Nominated by a patient for their care and concern for each patient that walks through the doors of Cardiac Rehab and for being willing to assist in any matters that are brought to their attention.
  • Margie Nolen: Nominated by her co-workers for always going above and beyond her job to always help others. She greets all patients and partners with a friendly smile and warm welcome. She makes sure to direct patients to the correct location when they arrive to the Diagnostic Center and makes sure no one gets lost. She definitely shows that our patients come first.
  • Tonya Phifer and Andrea Caldwell: Nominated by their Manager for their dedication to their team members. When the staff was drowning with multiple admits and discharges, both of these women came in and helped on their day off, even though they already had plans for the day with their families. On a daily basis they each show integrity, excellence, and are truly team players.
  • Natalie Huffine, Morgan Estes, and Jackie Wyatt: Nominated by their Manager for going out of their way and helping support our facility on their day off. Each of these partners came in on their day off and helped serve in the kitchen and in the cafeteria on Service Week. They also helped take extra food up to the floors so that night shift partners would have something to eat that night. These women are always patient-centered and show great respect for our hospital.
  • Amanda Jones: Nominated by her Manager for her patient-centered service. Late one afternoon, she stayed for quite a while after work one day waiting with a patient that was very unhappy. Due to miscommunication with the patient’s means of transportation, Amanda took it upon herself to make several phone calls to arrange a ride and waited with the patient until the car arrived. She constantly does random acts of kindness for our patients and partners. She is a great asset to HCMC.

To nominate a Henry County Medical Center partner for the Stars of Excellence program, utilize the Dear Lisa or WOW cards located in the Partners in Your Care bags given upon inpatient admission to HCMC.  Additionally, the Star Partner forms are available on our website under quick tabs – Healthcare Hero.

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