HCMC’s July Stars of Excellence Revealed

Cutline: Pictured are HCMC’s Stars of Excellence recipients for July in the Stars of Excellence program.

PARIS, TN – Henry County Medical Center is proud to announce that the Partner of the Month for July in the Stars of Excellence program is Lynn Walls, Paris Pulmonary Clinic. Twenty-five others were also nominated for the Stars of Excellence program.

Walls was nominated for her outstanding compassion and thoughtfulness. She helps patients to and from their car in a wheelchair, even if the patient says they will be okay. Walls has never met a stranger. She found a disoriented and exhausted patient that had an appointment across the street. She promptly put the patient in a wheelchair and took them across the street and made sure that was where they needed to be. Walls is a friend to everyone and a friendly face at the front desk. She makes EVERY patient feel special.

Walls was specifically nominated for following her instincts when a patient called the office.  She convinced the patient to come in and told him of all the emergency rooms along the way in case he felt the need to stop. Dr. Carruth said the next morning that Walls saved his life. Walls is so good with the patients and she was able to talk the patient into coming to the office, even when he didn’t feel good.

HCMC also awards Star Partners of the month. The Star Partners for the month of July are Angie James, RN, OR; Brooke Wallace, Surgery; Katlin Smith, ER; Melinda Knott, NP, Hospitalist; Heather Newman, RN, OB; April Stone, Pharmacy; Elizabeth Allen, RN, Outpatient Infusion; Pam Lockwood, Food and Nutrition; Darlene Cunningham, Food and Nutrition; Janice Melton, Food and Nutrition; Casie King, LPN, HCHC; Jon Marc Gowan, PTA, Home Health; Angie Davis, RN, Home Health; Brittney Green, Home Health; George Milam, Durable Medical Equipment; Emily Berry, Durable Medical Equipment; Jennifer Reynolds, Durable Medical Equipment; Sarah Adams, Health Information Management; Lisa Williams, Business Office; Lynn Bradham, Business Office; Jeanette Triplett, Innovative Orthopedics; Courtney Wilkes, LPN, Kelley Clinic; Lindsey Gasper, Innovative Orthopedics; Samantha Bradley, MA, Paris Pulmonary Clinic; Stephanie Fields, Paris Pulmonary Clinic.

These HCMC partners were nominated by patients and coworkers for their hard work and dedication towards this hospital. Their work does not go unnoticed here at HCMC and the hospital is glad to be able to honor them with the Stars of Excellence program. They were nominated for the following:

  • Angie James: James was nominated for going above and beyond every day in surgery. She is constantly being called to troubleshoot problems, make important decisions or just be an extra hand in a room. Many days, James doesn’t get lunch until 2 o’clock or later because she always takes care of her staff first. James is being recognized for her wealth of knowledge, great attitude, commitment to her job, department, and staff and her exceptional work ethic.
  • Brooke Wallace: Wallace was nominated by a partner for the passion, hard work, and commitment she has for her craft as a CST in the OR. Wallace comes to work every day, works hard, cares about her team and physicians, and strives to be her best. You can always count on Wallace to do the right thing, be respectful, and be an advocate for sterility in the OR.
  • Katlin Smith: Smith was nominated for always being willing to lend a helping hand to staff, patients, and visitors. She always has a smile on her face and is ALWAYS willing to work extra hours to help the nurses and doctors. She goes above and beyond her required job duties.
  • Melinda Knott: Knott was nominated by a fellow partner for her great quality of care and professionalism.
  • Heather Newman: Newman was nominated by a partner for being a team player and stepping up after her shift ended to circulate on a C-section. She went above and beyond expectations.
  • April Stone: Stone exemplified the core values of trust, professionalism and most importantly patient-centered. Stone was nominated by her Department Director for her leadership during an unforeseen chiller outage. Stone volunteered to come back to the pharmacy later in the night to perform the complete 2-hour cleaning of the IV room. The following morning, due to other circumstances beyond the pharmacy’s control, Stone had to perform another 2-hour cleaning of the room. Once the chillers were repaired she performed the final cleaning. She maintained professionalism at all times and kept patient safety as her number one priority. Her leadership in her position as the IV Room Technician as well as the work ethic she displays consistently allows the department to have the utmost trust in her ability and accountability to patients, partners, and the department.
  • Elizabeth Allen, RN: Allen was nominated by a patient for being nice, kind, quiet, efficient, and calm. The patient complimented Allen’s interactions with another patient stating, “She spoke so kindly and encouraging”. Allen is an exceptional nurse.
  • Pam Lockwood: Lockwood was nominated by a partner for always smiling and being happy to help anyone. She deserves recognition for being a team player, having a great personality, being friendly, and always asking if you need any help with anything.
  • Darlene Cunningham: Cunningham was nominated by a partner for always having a smiling face and always greeting everyone. She takes great pride and cares about her job and everyone she serves. If you need something she is always there to help you.
  • Janice Melton: Melton was nominated by a partner for being efficient at her job. She keeps the checkout line running smoothly and is always so sweet and smiling. Janice always treats everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Casie King: King was nominated for being very knowledgeable about her profession. She is also attentive and kind to her patients. She notices when something is “off” and never hesitates to do what is necessary for those under her care. She will provide education and assistance when needed. She is good with time management and does not crack under pressure when things get hectic. Not only does she care for her patient like they were family, she cares for those she works with and around. She is a good team player and a good leader. She leads by example, and will never ask someone to do a task she will not (and has not) done herself. She goes above and beyond for those around her, patient and co-workers alike.
  • Jon Marc Gowan: Gowan was nominated by a patient for being very polite, working hard, being patient and knowing when he pushed too hard.
  • Angie Davis: Davis was nominated by a patient for being understanding, nice, and having exceptional patience.
  • Brittney Green: Green was nominated by a patient for being so very caring and compassionate with her and pushing her to achieve her goals with prescribed treatment. She takes her role very seriously and helps the patient as much as she can. Her patient feels they have become friends and will miss her visits.
  • George Milam: Milam was nominated for consistently receiving satisfaction surveys at 100% rating. One particular client states “George was very nice and extremely professional explaining how to use the equipment to not only me but each person present in the home. I will recommend your service to all my friends and family. I would give him an A+”. He goes the extra mile in education, empathy, and care.
  • Emily Berry: Berry was nominated for receiving another 100% satisfaction rating! A customer spoke of “how Emily went above and beyond to help them with oxygen equipment even though it was after hours. We could not have asked for anything better.” This is just one example of how Berry puts the clients she cares for above all else. She is so dedicated to the clients we serve.
  • Jennifer Reynolds: Reynolds was nominated for doing an exceptional job balancing her duties as a CSR as well as entering charges for billing. She has worked diligently to ensure all bills are entered timely.
  • Sarah Adams: Adams was nominated by a provider for being very helpful, prompt to answer, and always willing to go an extra mile to help.
  • Lisa Williams: Williams was nominated by her department director for being the true example of dedication and dependability. She works hard to ensure the insurance and patient money that comes through the door is properly handled and reported, which makes for accurate patient balance accounting. Lisa takes extra steps to share important information with other departments as needed and makes time to volunteer for HCMC community events.
  • Lynn Bradham: Bradham was nominated by her department director for the way she treats each patient with the utmost respect regardless of their inability to pay, and she puts the patient at ease during the process. She is determined to do what is best for the financial health of this hospital while also helping the patient. HCMC is fortunate to have someone with such professionalism and dedication.
  • Jeanette Triplett: Triplett was nominated by a partner for being a great office manager. She is always willing to help in any way possible, always on time, and has a positive attitude! Triplett made sure that the Innovative Orthopedics employees had everything they needed during a crazy time. She is very approachable with anything and is always there when you need her.
  • Courtney Wilkes: Wilkes was nominated by a partner for her kindness towards an elderly patient that become very short of breath. Wilkes stayed with the patient until they could take her to the ED. Wilkes also keeps Dr. Cutright going throughout the day. She keeps him moving right along in the OR by turning over the rooms and making sure he has everything he needs for each case. Wilkes is very organized, dependable, and a great asset to HCMC.
  • Lindsey Gasper: Gasper was nominated for being willing to help out wherever she is called upon even in other clinics. She steps up to learn new tasks to help us move forward. She is very compassionate and caring with patients.
  • Samantha Bradley: Bradley was nominated for being a role model to the new MA’s while shouldering extra work to train them. She has taken on more than her fair share of work. She has been responsible and professional during a very stressful time. Her patience has been so important. She cares so much for our patients and they love her! She has really stepped up and excelled in her leadership role.
  • Stephanie Fields: Fields was nominated for multi-tasking between the hospital and the clinic. She has been helpful and flexible. She goes above and beyond to care for patients and works extra days to assist with procedures. She is always professional with a can-do attitude. If she can’t do it yet, she will learn. Stephanie is recognized for being an outstanding asset.

To nominate a Henry County Medical Center partner for the Stars of Excellence program, utilize the Dear Lisa or WOW cards located in the Partners in Your Care bags given upon inpatient admission to HCMC.  Additionally, the Star Partner forms are available on our website under quick tabs – Healthcare Hero.

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