HCMC’s January Stars of Excellence Revealed

Cutline 1: Pictured are HCMC’s Stars of Excellence recipients for January in the Stars of Excellence program.

PARIS, TN – Henry County Medical Center is proud to announce the Partner of the Month for January in the Stars of Excellence program is Tim Brown, EMS.  Ten others were also nominated for the Stars of Excellence program.

Brown was nominated by a Department Director whose family was shown compassion by Brown’s act of kindness. After the passing of the individual’s spouse, Brown stayed with the individual until his family could get there to be with him. He was thoughtful and concerned enough about someone’s emotional stability to take his time to stay with him. Brown is an empathetic, kind professional and an amazing EMT that goes above and beyond his required duties. Henry County Medical Center is so lucky to have Brown.

HCMC also awards Star Partners of the Month. The Star Partners for the month of January are

Daryl Monk, HCHC Nursing; Melissa Carpenter, HCHC Nursing; Debbie Hutcherson, HCHC Activities; Mike Wallace, HCHC Plant Operations; Courtland Collums, Scheduling; Melissa Wells, IT; Ragan Wood, HIM; Sarah Adams, HIM; Jeff Tucker, DME; and Tim Lee, HCHC Activities.

These HCMC partners were nominated by patients and coworkers for their hard work and dedication towards the hospital. Their work does not go unnoticed here at HCMC and the hospital is glad to be able to honor them with the Stars of Excellence program. They were nominated for the following:

Daryl Monk: Nominated by a resident’s family for going above and beyond to make his residents feel loved. A family member of an HCHC resident expressed that Monk made her mother feel better by regularly singing hymns to her. She was very complimentary of Monk’s love for his patients and going above and beyond to make them smile.

Melissa Carpenter: Nominated by her Administrator for being the creative force at HCHC with her employee morale programs and her unstoppable work. Carpenter’s projects at HCHC include Halloween hall decorations, raising $493 to purchase toys for Carl Perkins and the donations that came from Carpenter herself. In addition to her full time job as nurse staffing coordinator at HCHC, she fills in for employees who call in as many times as possible. There is rarely a day or night that you won’t find Carpenter at HCHC at some time. Her heart is HUGE for her residents! If anyone needs to know anything about any resident or partner, the person to call is Carpenter.

Debbie Hutcherson: Nominated by her Administrator for being steady, capable, and caring. Hutcherson genuinely loves the residents of HCHC and goes far beyond the duties of her job. Hutcherson keeps activities going behind the scenes and was Mr. Grinch’s right hand man. Hutcherson has voluntarily been helping a resident continue with a speech intelligibility program after he had reached maximum potential in a formal speech therapy program. The resident loves Hutcherson and is slowly improving with her daily attention. There are many residents with varied interests but Hutcherson has a talent for finding ways to reach each one.

Mike Wallace: Nominated by his Administrator for volunteering to help with tasks outside of his regular job expectations. Wallace always volunteers to grill for special functions at HCHC in the wind, rain, hot, or cold. He recently came in to cook for the night shift workers so they would have a hot, fresh meal as well as cooking for HCHC the next day. Wallace is great at his job but always gives extra by demonstrating excellent customer service for partners throughout the system.

Courtland Collums: Nominated by a Partner for the many “hats” and multi talents she possesses. Collums does her job efficiently and she shows integrity and professionalism every day. She takes an overwhelming day and makes it look like a walk in the park. Collums is always willing to help with any task given to her and completes it with excellence! Her co-workers never have to second guess if the job was completed when given to her. She is extremely knowledgeable of outpatient scheduling of radiological procedures, and even helps with surgery scheduling when needed. She is a valuable asset and wonderful person to work with.

Melissa Wells, Ragan Wood, and Sarah Adams: Nominated by a Department Director for the professionalism, integrity, care and respect they show on a daily basis. These partners were recognized by a vendor for the initiative they took to keep the day running smoothly. During training with OneContent the training started with a little hiccup. But by taking the step of using uploads in place of scanning, these partners saved the day. The vendor expressed that they have never had a client take initiative like that. By taking those self-initiated steps, the OneContent testing schedule stayed on track, and they will most likely meet all their goals in the time frames projected.

Jeff Tucker: Nominated by a patient and his family for the support he has shown their family. Tucker has gone out of his way to support this patient, in finding the safest way to be transferred from his wheelchair to the pool and open water from a boat. The patient, a high level quadriplegic, has been chosen to train as an adaptive scuba diver by the Dive Pirate Foundation located in Texas. Much preparation has gone into training for the past eight months to make this possible. Tucker has been very instrumental in making this possible. He has devoted his efforts and personal time in ways that were not expected but much appreciated by the patient and his family. Tucker is an asset to HCMC and our community.

Tim Lee: Nominated by his Administrator for his outstanding dedication to The Grinch. Lee brought the Grinch to life and articulately planned each event to create a fun storyline to spread holiday cheer throughout HCHC and the community. Lee was able to use The Grinch as a fun and visible marketing tool for Henry County Healthcare Center. He visited schools, meetings, and parades within the community. His attitude and dedication to making holiday activities at HCHC fun is outstanding. Lee truly cares about the experience that the residents have at HCHC.

To nominate a Henry County Medical Center partner for the Stars of Excellence program, utilize the Dear Lisa or WOW cards located in the Partners in Your Care bags given upon inpatient admission to HCMC.  Additionally, the Star Partner forms are available on our website under quick tabs – Healthcare Hero.

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