HCMC’s December Stars of Excellence Revealed

Cutline: Pictured are HCMC’s Stars of Excellence recipients for December in the Stars of Excellence program.

PARIS, TN – Henry County Medical Center is proud to announce the Partner of the Month for December in the Stars of Excellence program is Samantha Ryg, 3rd Tower Nursing. Nine others were also selected as Stars in the Stars of Excellence program.

Ryg was nominated by a patient’s family for the comfort she provided during a stressful and difficult time. She took time out of her busy schedule to comfort, talk and reassure a patient’s scared spouse that their feelings were normal.

“Her kindness meant the world to me,” said the patient’s spouse. “I will never forget this young woman. Never underestimate the small things and the difference a kind word and a hug can make. Thank you, Samantha!”

HCMC also awards Star Partners in the program. The Star Partners for the month of December are Tyler Allen, Transporter, MAB & Surgery Holding; Demetria Nicole Harris, HCHC Beauty Shop; Jennifer Cary, HCHC Business Office;  Paige Malone, Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator; Julie Frudd, Paris Pulmonary Clinic; Gina McLean, Pharmacy; Jill Fagan, Home Health & Hospice and Jeff Tucker, DME,as an Honor Roll Recipient

These HCMC partners were nominated by patients and coworkers for their hard work and dedication towards this hospital. Their work does not go unnoticed here at HCMC and the hospital is glad to be able to honor them with the Stars of Excellence program. They were nominated for the following:

Tyler Allen: Allen was nominated for his kind and loving personality that shines like the sun. He sets a good example by having good manners and being respectful to his elders.   Allen’s patients love him because he takes time to listen and make them laugh.  Once a patient didn’t have lunch and he blessed her by going to get her something and sharing his time to fellowship with her.  Allen has a kind heart and deeply cares about others.

Demetria Nicole Harris: Nominated by a resident’s family for going above and beyond to make a resident feel special. The resident’s family requested that her hair be rolled and styled for her granddaughter’s wedding. Harris offered to come in on her own time on Saturday morning to do the patient’s hair because she did not feel her hair would hold overnight. All that mattered to Harris was that the patient’s granddaughter would know she was there and looked ready for the part.

Jennifer Cary: Nominated for her patience and care for others. Cary had a patient’s family member call about some concerns with the insurance plan that the patient was on, the plan had some high copays and the family member needed help knowing which insurance to apply for. She sat down with the family member and went through the plans to see which one was best for the patient based on which medications the patient was on.  This is not the first time that she has gone above her normal job duties to help patients and their family members.  You can truly tell that Cary cares about her job and the patients at HCHC. She meets all of our values as an organization daily.

Julie Frudd: Nominated by Paris Pulmonary Clinic Providers for being an amazing office manager.  Frudd keeps the clinic running smoothly. She goes out of her way to make each team member feel special. Frudd remembers birthdays and goes the extra mile to celebrate special events.  She is always willing to listen and to do more than her share.  She is such an asset to Paris Pulmonary Clinic and HCMC.

Gina McLean: Nominated by a coworker for going above and beyond to stay after her shift and help in the Healthcare Center area on a long busy day. McLean always jumps in to help take care of patients when needed and with a smile on her face.  Thank you for all you do for our HCMC patients and HCHC patients.

Jill Fagan: Nominated by a patient for being helpful and going above and beyond her duties. Fagan is caring and professional.

Nicci Harrod: Nominated by her Department Director for being kind and compassionate and bringing much joy to her coworkers and her patients.  Harrod openly shares her faith and is a prayer warrior.  She openly admits her struggle with anxiety and the way she handles stressful situations.  Over the past few months Nicci has taken on more charge nurse roles and she has done so with humility, strength, and perseverance.  Harrod has been a wonderful leader and has gained a new respect from her teammates.  Harrod has grown so much in her professionalism and shows her coworkers how to meet challenges head-on and succeed through grace and faith.

Paige Malone: Nominated by her Department Director for her hard work over the past few months that she has been at HCMC.  She has designed some amazing shirts for our partners at HCMC.  Malone has also helped tremendously in the HCMC Auxiliary Gift Shop with getting new items for the store that have been very appealing to those purchasing in the shop. She has taken on doing the Cancer Survivors Dinner as well as getting our tree completed for Festival of Trees.  Malone is always willing to come up with ideas for the organization that help us shine. She is very kind and nice to everyone she meets.

Jeff Tucker: Nominated by his staff member for his customer service and devoted care to his patients. Tucker has one of the highest-rated customer service departments.  He often has people come to his office for their DME supplies just because they have been told that he was the best around.  Tucker has a wide range of knowledge with all of the DME products he offers in the store.  If there are products that are not carried in the store, he will do research and get the product into the store for whatever the need may be.  Recently a patient who is a quadriplegic was chosen to go scuba diving and began his training with the Dive Pirates Foundation. Tucker used his own time and went to Clarksville where the patient was practicing to help assist the dive trainers with any equipment they felt they would need to help securely get the patient in and out of the water safely.  Tucker is a great leader and department manager.  He goes above and beyond for his employees and for every customer that walks through the door.  He is there for support and offers his knowledge to DME customers on a daily basis.  Tucker truly represents everything positive that Henry County Medical Center stands for.

To nominate a Henry County Medical Center partner for the Stars of Excellence program, utilize the Dear Lisa or WOW cards located in the Partners in Your Care bags given upon inpatient admission to HCMC.  Additionally, the Star Partner forms are available on our website under quick tabs – Healthcare Hero.

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