HCMC Proud to Participate in Walk Across TN in Henry County; Food & Nutrition Took Top Spot of HCMC Teams

Cutline:  Pictured are four of the eight members of the HCMC winning team in the Walk Across TN program.  They each received a prize for being the top team out of nine that participated from HCMC.

PARIS, TN – Henry County Medical Center is an active partner in Healthier Henry County and one of the initiatives the group embraced as part of their goal of reaching Silver status as a Healthier TN county included participating in Walk Across TN.

Walk Across TN in Paris and Henry County was a team-based walking program that encouraged teams to cumulatively walk the equivalent lengthof Tennessee (approximately 500 miles) or more, over an eight-week period.  The program ran from Sept. 2 to Oct. 27, with 32 teams and approximately 260 individuals.  You could walk outside, walk with others, walking inside on a treadmill or even run.  If you exercised, you also were able to calculate that physical activity into miles.

Those who participated were eligible for prizes and the winning team received prizes, too.  At HCMC, we had nine teams participate with the winning team, Your Pace or Mine, which was a group from HCMC Food & Nutrition.  They received a gift from HCMC and one of the participants system-wide, Justin Newton from Information Systems, won an Alexa Echo.

“At HCMC, we believe it is important to encourage physical activity, and this program was a great way to do just that through a little competition,” said Lori Stambaugh, Community Educator at HCMC and member of Healthier Henry County.  “Not only were they eligible for prizes from the collective program, but from our organization as well.  It was exciting to see our partners jump on board to improve their health.  Kudos to Kim Dempsey, team captain, and the HCMC Food and Nutrition team at HCMC for accomplishing a great goal.”

HCMC plans to participate again with the program in 2020 when Healthier Henry County schedules it in the fall.  Henry County, because of this and other programs, was able to achieve Gold status as a Healthier TN county, going above and beyond their expectations.

For more information on community health initiatives and programs, call the HCMC FindLine at 731-644-3463 or go online at www.hcmc-tn.org.

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