HCMC Paris Women’s Center Offers State-of-the-Art, In-Office Ultrasounds for Patient Convenience and Expanded Care



CUTLINE: Pictured are ultrasound images from current patients at HCMC Paris Women’s Center.  HCMC Paris Women’s Center is pleased to offer state-of-the-art, in-office Ultrasounds to patients early in their pregnancies with amazing images and quick results.whit

PARIS, TN – From the first moment you find out you are pregnant, you are filled with emotions.  Excitement, anticipation, joy, nervousness…every soon-to-be mom experiences a range of emotions and thoughts during those first few days and months of her pregnancy.  You want your baby to be healthy and growing, but early on, you often don’t have the opportunity to see or confirm that everything is going just right because most ultrasounds are not performed until later in the first trimester or primarily in the second trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.

At HCMC Paris Women’s Center, we want our moms to have the best experience possible during pregnancy, calming fears and offering the best care possible to our patients.  And, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding providers who truly listen to our moms, we are now offering in-office ultrasounds during the first trimester.  This is especially important to women who have had issues or complications during other pregnancies, have experienced miscarriages, or who are believed to be having complications or issues with the current pregnancy.

Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body.  It is painless and the best way to see what is going on with the development of the pregnancy.  Most initial ultrasounds are completed after the 5th week of pregnancy to ensure that the gestational sac is developing and to determine if there is more than one baby.  You want these pictures to be crystal clear and with the technology used at Paris Women’s Center, you will be more than pleased with the results.

HCMC Paris Women’s Center offers ultrasound using the Philips Affiniti 50W.  Key features include:

  • Crisp, clear images that enable fast, confident diagnosis and reduce the need for additional exams;
  • Philips’ PureWave transducer technology, delivering excellent image quality with little or no need for image adjustment
  • Anatomical Intelligent Ultrasound, providing automatic anatomy recognition, making it easy to perform exams and quickly deliver results of the ultrasound to the patient
  • Automation tools such as AutoSCAN, Auto Doppler and SmartExam to reduce the number of steps required to complete each exam, meaning quicker results for our patients.
  • DICOM and PC format capabilities to allow seamless information-sharing

“Philips Affiniti enables us to get to the level of detail we need to best serve our patients and enables us to be efficient and keep up with the busy office schedule we have at Paris Women’s Center,” said Pamela Evans, MD, OB/GYN.  “We are pleased to be able to offer this visual confirmation for our patients and help them track what is going on in their bodies with their pregnancies during a time that can be scary and full of worry.  We want our moms to be secure with what is going on and having ultrasound in-office allows us to do so in the best way possible.”

“It’s awesome because it has the capability to send patients pictures digitally through text, USB drive, or CD,” said Stefanie H., Radiologic Technologist at Paris Women’s Center.  “It also has TrueVue, which lets us manipulate a 4D image live while scanning OB or GYN exams.”

Our patients at Paris Women’s Center love the convenience and the ability to view what’s going on at an early stage as well.  Lacy Crawford, a patient of Paris Women’s Center and an RN at HCMC, is glad that this option is available to her early in her pregnancy.

Having early ultrasounds and screenings with Dr. Evans provided me reassurance early in the pregnancy,” said Crawford. “I felt seeing my baby developing at nine weeks gave an incredible amount of joy about the life growing inside of me. Dr. Evans and the staff at the HCMC Paris Women’s Center have treated me like family. They have always treated me with the upmost respect, and have made me feel comfortable during every visit.  I would recommend any woman to try out the HCMC Paris Women’s Center. Once you go, you will want them to be the staff caring for you and your baby.”

HCMC Paris Women’s Center provides comprehensive treatment and routine care for women of all ages and in all stages of life.   Drs. Evans and Whitfield along with Nurse Practitioners Kristian Elliott, Melissa Youree, and Rachel Holmes believe in patient education promoting a proactive approach to good health and preventative care.  Paris Women’s Center is located in the HCMC Medical Arts Building, 300 Hospital Circle, Suites 101-104.  HCMC Paris Women’s Center takes most insurances including TennCare.

HCMC Diagnostic Center and HCMC Imaging partner with Paris Women’s Center when it comes to imaging and ultrasounds.  Both offer the same level of diagnostic quality ultrasound scans as Paris Women’s Center and in fact provides more comprehensive imaging for the later scans that women will have during their pregnancy.

For more information about the providers at Paris Women’s Center, please visit our website at www.hcmc-tn.org or give us a call at 731-644-8225.  Appointments can be made by calling or online at www.hcmc-tn.org.

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