HCMC Official Statement on Dr. Heather Melton

Paris, TN – The mission of Henry County Medical Center (HCMC) is to provide the highest quality, affordable healthcare services and education to the citizens of Henry County and the adjoining counties, helping to improve the quality of health in the region.  We value patient-centered care, excellence, respect, trust, professionalism, and integrity.

In order for HCMC to meet our mission and fulfill our values we have to be a financially responsible organization for our community and region.  To be financially responsible means making sound business decisions.

Statements have been made on social media platforms that Heather Gulish Melton, MD was fired from HCMC.  This statement is false.  Dr. Melton chose NOT TO ACCEPT either of our new contract offerings, full-time nor part-time.  By not accepting the offer, the contract calls for a notice to be given to end the existing contract.

With the notice from the current contract, the employment will end with HCMC as of May 5, 2019.  As a courtesy to Dr. Melton, all non-compete clauses will not be enforced. She is certainly welcome to remain in the community, own her own practice as well as continue surgery at HCMC.

Again, we welcome Dr. Melton to stay and provide care to our community and region.   This is not a reflection on her clinical abilities to deliver quality care to her patients.

Her decision not to accept our contract does not impact Dr. Melton’s privileges at HCMC or her ability to see patients or perform surgeries at HCMC.  She will just no longer be directly employed by HCMC.

HCMC does not normally comment on personnel issues, but as a result of information circulating on social media, we felt a responsibility to our community to inform them with accurate information.

HCMC Board of Trustees

Scott Whitby, MD, Chairperson

Peggy Beasley

Troy Buttrey

Sabre Fuller

Kreg Kyle

Jamie Tosh

James Travis

Lisa Casteel, Chief Executive Officer

About Henry County Medical Center

Located in Paris, TN, Henry County Medical Center is a progressive, integrated healthcare organization committed to serving the healthcare needs of Henry County and the adjoining region. Including a 142-bed hospital and other facilities, the medical center provides a variety of outpatient services, as well as inpatient care. Henry County Medical Center is a county-owned and operated nonprofit institution. For more information: www.hcmc-tn.org.