HCMC Center for Wellness and Rehab’s New Sensory Room a Boost to Development of Region’s Young Children

Cutline:  Pictured is Nichole Lamberth, PT, MPT, working with one of the pediatric patients on the new vestibular swing in the new dedicated sensory room at the HCMC Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation.

Paris, TN – HCMC Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation is proud to continuous increase and offer services that our community needs to improve quality of life from the youngest to the oldest of our population.  A sensory room dedicated to the development of pediatric patients is the latest addition to the Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation in the last month, joining the rehab therapies of dry needling and lymphedema management.

Debbie Jelks, PT, MSPT, PCS, the Director of the Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation, has overseen a rapid expansion in the Center’s pediatric care, which includes six therapists who work with the Center’s smallest patients. The pediatric team consists of two physical therapists, two occupational therapists and two speech language pathologists.

Now, thanks to the financial generosity of the Henry County Healthcare Foundation, the team has a brand new room in which to work with children.

“Research shows that one out of six children in our country suffer from some type of sensory impairment,” said Jelks. “This can impact a child’s development in their early life and later on in their lives when they are trying to achieve academic goals, use fine motor skills or just enjoy independence in their everyday life. Rooms like this are huge in those kids’ life.”

The vestibular swing is the centerpiece of the room and helps the young patients in a variety of ways, according to occupational therapist, Rachel Laux, OTR L. “The swing helps gather their sensory system together, which helps them to be more focused and attentive when we move to tabletop or other activities involved in their therapy session.”

One of those sessions might include some time on the small climbing wall, which is just the right size for a small child. “The climbing wall teaches them how to move their bodies around and negotiate obstacles in their path,” said therapist Nichole Lamberth, PT, MPT. “Using a climbing wall is a safe and controlled way to promote this activity. It is visually appealing and it’s fun for them to feel the different textures on the wall.”

On the opposite wall hangs a pediatric chalkboard, which helps a child’s shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, according to Ashley Hodge, OTR L. “It helps with their posture, as well as the stability in their arms because the chalkboard allows for big arm movement when writing.”

To learn more about the sensory room along with the vestibular swing, watch the recent video released by HCMC:  https://youtu.be/Rf2zMVbtOBo

The HCMC Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation offers convenient and specialized care providing services for orthopedic patients, neurological patients, lymphedema patients, speech/language pathology patients, pediatric physical and occupational therapy, vestibular patients and a variety of other diagnoses.

To learn more about the HCMC Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation, check us out online at www.hcmc-tn.org or go to our new FB page, https://www.facebook.com/HCMCWellnessCenter.  For an appointment, call our Center at 731-642-2411.

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