HCMC Adds Two Patient-Oriented Initiatives to Improve Care

PARIS, TN – Continuously working to improve quality and outcome measures at HCMC, in September, nursing implemented two new initiatives to help the hospital grow forward in efforts to provide the best healthcare experience possible for patients.

Introduced to the HCMC Board of Trustees at its September meeting, Chief Nursing Officer Neely Ashby discussed these two new programs to improve patient experience:  Ask Me 3 and the Discharge Preparation Checklist.

HCMC has maintained its Three-Star Rating despite the difficulties brought on by Covid-19 but Ashby pointed out to board members that the hospital has identified a couple of areas that can be improved with these new initiatives.

“With no visitation during this time period, it was hard to receive high scores on discharge planning and care transitions,” said Ashby.  “So beginning Sept. 1, we started two new programs to help with these issues: Ask Me 3 and the Discharge Preparation Checklist.”

Ask Me 3 is basically three questions that staff are encouraging patients to ask every time someone caring for them comes in the room.  The questions are:

  • What is my main problem?
  • What do I need to do?
  • Why is it important for me to do this?

These questions are hanging on the walls of patient rooms as reminders for the patients and their families to ask when staff and providers come in to care for them.

Also, case management is making phone calls to patients after discharge to ensure they have everything they need at home to continue to heal.  To assist with these phone calls and preparation before being discharged, HCMC is providing a discharge preparation checklist for patients to review and complete before they are discharged from the hospital.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council began working on the discharge process, implementing discharge folders for the patients and families, and the checklist helps to add an additional tool to the discharge process along with the Ask Me 3 program.  The HCMC Women’s Center will also be implementing a special discharge folder soon as well.

For more information about HCMC’s quality initiatives, check out our website at www.hcmc-tn.org.

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