Beddies only fourth urologist in Tennessee to earn GreenLight designation

PARIS, TN – John Beddies, M.D., a urologist at Kentucky Lake Urologic Associates, became just the fourth urologist in Tennessee and the first in West Tennessee to earn GreenLight Center of Excellence designation for his clinic.

Beddies, who practices with Dr. Joe Mobley, III, and Danielle Craig, FNP, at Kentucky Lake Urologic Associates, was presented a certificate at a ceremony at the clinic on Thursday, Aug. 10. He was presented the certificate by Sean Morrison of Boston Scientific, the manufacturer of GreenLight laser therapy. Beddies earned the distinction by performing 50 procedures within a 12-month period.

GreenLight laser therapy is a procedure performed on the prostate with a small fiber introduced into the urethra with a cystoscope, a flexible scope with a camera on the end. The fiber delivers high power laser energy which heats up the prostate tissue, leading to tissue vaporization. This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient and inpatient basis under general anesthesia. Most patients experience rapid relief of BPH symptoms and improvement in urine flow after the procedure.

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