Concerning Health Lunch to Learn: What is Vestibular Rehabilitation

November 6, 2018 from 12:00pm-1:00pm

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Henry County Medical Center

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This event is free.


Tuesday, Nov. 6

12 Noon

HCMC classrooms 2 & 3

Presented by Nichole Lamberth, HCMC Center for Wellness & Rehab

Did you know that dizziness is the number 1 cause of visits to a physician among older adults? People with vestibular (inner ear) disorders often experience problems with balance and position or movement-related dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy designed to alleviate both primary and secondary symptoms of vestibular disorders. It is an alternative treatment, (meds frequently prescribed), involving specific exercises that can eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms by promoting central nervous system compensation for inner-ear deficits.

If you suffer from dizziness, balance, near fainting, and vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation may be the solution for you. In this Lunch to Learn seminar, Lamberth will discuss the symptoms and treatment in detail for all those who attend.

Lunch will be provided beginning at 11:30AM. Seating is limited, so you must RSVP at 731-644-3463 or online: