Chronic Disease Management Screening

August 17, 2022 from 7:00am-11:00am

Contact Information

Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation

Tickets & Pricing

This event is free.


Our Chronic Disease Management Program offers free screenings including total lipid panel, blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI  and A1c.  If a person has a chronic condition , smokes or is overweight, they can join the program for free. Participants are screened every three months and receive education about their chronic conditions. All patients must be fasting for 8 hours to participate in the screening.

Screenings will be done by appointment only to provide social distancing. Masks are required.

Screening will be held at HCMC Classrooms 2 & 3

For more information on these screenings, to make an appointment, or to join our Chronic Disease Management program, call 731-644-8215 or email