Henry County Medical Center Surgery Center

Surgery CenterThank you for choosing Henry County Medical Center Surgery Center for your outpatient procedure. Our friendly, specialized staff is knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of our patients. We want to do all we can to provide an atmosphere that resembles a home rather than a hospital. Our warm environment and personal service help put patients at ease, as does our excellent record of safety and successful surgical outcomes.

HCMC Surgery Center is focused on providing you with first-class surgical care that surpasses expectations! They are designed, equipped and staffed exclusively for outpatient surgery. As compared to a hospital, the HCMC Surgery Center provides greater convenience in a more relaxed atmosphere. Patients inside this setting can be discharged within a few hours after surgery to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

We hope your visit to the HCMC Surgery Center will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Services offered at HCMC Surgery Center

  • Orthopedics
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General surgery
  • Pain management
  • Podiatry
  • GI endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Your surgeon is further supported by our anesthesiologists and a skilled nursing staff specially trained in outpatient surgery and patient care.

HCMC Surgery Center

Physicians Utilizing the Surgery Center

  • Dr. John Beddies, Urology
  • Dr. Amy Boyd, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Russell Boyd, General Surgery
  • Dr. Blake Chandler, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Dr. Raymond Compton, General Surgery
  • Dr. Jason Harper, General Surgery
  • Dr. Robert Hollis, Gastroenterology
  • Dr. David Long, Podiatry
  • Dr. Andrew Lundberg, Vascular Surgery
  • Dr. Joe D. Mobley, III., Urology
  • Dr. David Underwood, Ophthalmology

How to Prepare for Outpatient Surgery

The Night Before Your Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery, unless instructed by your doctor or the pre-op nurse. This includes gum, candy, mints or tobacco
  • Please remove all nail polish and makeup.
  • Please do not bring any valuables or jewelry.
  • Please refrain from smoking on the day of your surgery.
  • Please refrain from alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to surgery.

The Day of Your Surgery

  • Shower or bathe with antibacterial soap
  • Unless you have been told otherwise by your doctor or the pre-op nurse, do not use body lotions or powder on the morning of your surgery.
  • Brushing your teeth is permitted.
  • Take medications as ordered by your surgeon, with only a sip of water before coming to the surgery center.

Upon Arrival at HCMC Surgery Center, You Will Need to Bring

  • Identification/Driver’s license
  • Insurance cards
  • Cash, check or credit card Please leave all other valuables at home

Our Commitment to YOU

Our goal is to provide the finest care possible at reasonable costs to you. If we don’t meet this goal, then we have failed. You may receive a phone call survey after discharge asking for information regarding the quality of your services, the quality of care you received and questions regarding physicians and staff. Please answer honestly. Your answers will help us to better serve you and others receiving care at Henry County Medical Center Surgery Center.

For more information, talk with your physician or contact HCMC Surgery Center 731-644-2150