Core Faculty

Subspecialty Faculty

Jacob Aelion, MD
Rheumatology Subspecialty Director

James Carruth, MD
Pulmonology/Critical Care Site Director

Kelsey Dexter, MD
Endocrinology Subspecialty Director

Stephanie Dunagan, MD
Geriatrics/Palliative Site Director

Natalie Freeman, PhD
LMUDCOM Research and Biostatistics

Jeffrey Gillis, DO
Gastroenterology Subspecialty Director

David Gibson, MD

Kelly Green, MD
Cardiology Subspecialty Director

Ryan Hubbard, DO
Emergency Medicine

Ashly Hardin, DO
Geriatrics/Palliative Care Subspecialty Director

Jeff Martin, PhD
LMUDCOM Research and Biostatistics

Enawgaw Mehari, MD
Neurology Subspecialty Director

Victor Nwazue, MD
Nephrology Subspecialty Director

Sylvester Nwedo, MD
Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine Subspecialty Director

James Outland, MD

Satish Odhav, MD

Mark Peters, MD
Pulmonology Subspecialty Director

Debra Rainey, MD
Infectious Disease Subspecialty Director

Chloe Ruff, PhD
LMUDCOM Research and Biostatistics

Kyle Stephens, DO
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Charles Walker, MD
Pain Medicine Subspecialty Coordinator

Katherine Whitfield, DO
GYN & Women’s Health