COVID-19 Updates & Visitation Policy

For Assistance or information regarding our residents, please call 731-642-5700.


*This is only the tests performed at Henry County Healthcare Center and Plumley Rehab. This does not include any tests collected at HCMC, other facilities, provider offices, or the health department.

PositivesNegativesTotal Tested*PendingHospitalizations^Deaths
14417,520 17,664004
This data inside the chart is meant to provide a rough estimate and may differ or change as new information becomes available. Last updated August 25, 2022 and reflects tests done in the past week since last update.

Due to government privacy requirements, HCHC cannot divulge specific information about any individual who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19, except to the specific family members who have permissions to receive such information.  

We are keeping all of our residents and their families informed through phone calls, letters and emails as needed. We have been, and will continue to be, compliant with all CDC guidelines. 

HCHC is grateful for the outpouring of support received from the community during this COVID-19 crisis.

Since the very first guidance from CMS and the CDC in March 2020, we have been taking actions to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission.  This has included altering the normal operations of our facility and creating a separate wing for possible positive patients which can be closed off without free flow of staff or other residents. This area has designated staff to care for residents.  HCHC continues to provide face masks for residents and social distancing is enforced. In addition, all staff uses of personal protective equipment or PPE as recommended by CDC.  We have also taken the following measures: notified our local/state public health officials, continued daily monitoring of and education regarding hand hygiene, cleaning of equipment needed for patient care, and continued restrictions on visitations, dining and group activities if and when appropriate. 

Please visit the CDC website ( to learn how you can help prevent the spread in our community, since continued spread in the larger community increases the chance the virus will work its way into our building.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact our center. Please call us at 731-642-5700, email us at, or check back here for further updates as they become available.

Family Communication Options

At HCHC, we understand that connecting with family members is incredibly important to our residents. Family members are encouraged to connect with their loved ones through video chat, calling, texting, email or on social media. Feel free to call our primary number at 731-642-5700 to assist in communicating with your loved one.

HCHC has a portable phone that can be carried to a resident’s room for a loved one to be able to talk with his/her family member.  The number to connect through this tool is 731-644-8940. Any nursing wing can access the portable phone and it can be taken to the resident’s room.  

HCHC now has an iPad available for residents and family members to utilize.  We are able to set up Zoom meetings for our residents and their families so you can communicate directly.  This can be done in several ways.

  1. If you are using an Android or Apple device, you would need to go to your app store and download the free Zoom Cloud Meeting app on your device and then select, Join a Meeting.  HCHC would provide a meeting ID and you would be able to see and talk to your loved one.
  2. Another option is to connect to your loved one from a computer with a webcam and microphone.  You would need to go to  and select, Join a Meeting. We would then provide you a meeting ID to connect to your loved one. Would will have to get a new meeting ID each time you connect to your loved one.

Since this is a new form of communication, please contact Tim Lee, HCHC Activities Director; Melissa Carpenter, HCHC Nursing; or Sandra Ray, HCHC Administrator at 731-642-5700 so that a time can be scheduled for you to connect with your loved one.  When this becomes a more familiar form of communication, we will utilize more staff members to assist with this communication tool.  

At HCHC, we understand that connecting with your loved ones is incredibly important, and there are a variety of other ways you might consider communicating with them. These may include telephone, email, text, video chat or social media.

If you have loved ones at HCHC, please make sure we have your most current, emergency contact information. We want to make sure we efficiently communicate with you should there be any new developments. Please reach out to Sean Taylor, LSW at 731-644-8930 or Sandra Ray, Administrator with your updated contact information. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our facility.   We will direct you to a staff member who can talk with you regarding any concerns.  The primary number to the facility is 731-642-5700.